Sunday, January 31, 2010

My first Yelp Event - PLEY at the San Jose Discovery Museum

There are very few occasions when eating a big dinner is not a good idea. So few, in fact, that I can name them off right now.

Eating dinner is a bad idea when:

1) You are right about to race someone across the English channel (cramping up would be no fun)
2) You are about to time travel back to the days when everyone wore wigs (hey, it could happen. And if it did happen, all that food sloshing around inside of you probably wouldn't be too comfortable)
3) You are right about to attend a Yelp event

No. 3 is what I learned firsthand Saturday night. It was my first ever Yelp event, and I had no idea what to expect. Fun, sure, I imagined fun, but that was about as far as I let myself imagine. Although I knew that a few local restaurants would be catering the event, I had no idea what that actually meant. For fear that a man with a tray would walk by every 45 minutes with tiny shrimp on toothpicks, I decided to eat dinner beforehand -- a few slices of leftover pizza, a piece of chicken and a cucumber and avocado salad for good measure. As I would later learn, this was a terrible, terrible idea.

The way to go, it turns out, is to arrive to Yelp parties ravenously hungry and about as parched as though you had been walking through the desert for thousands of hot, sandy miles. When we first entered the museum, it was obvious that the main attraction of the night was FOOD -- food, food and more food. And Skyy vodka. Everywhere we turned, there were tables lavishly displaying trays and trays of ahi tuna, red velvet cupcakes, steak sliders and mini key lime tarts. I suspect that this is what dying and going to heaven is like.

Cindy is an Elite Yelper and the magnificent human being who so kindly invited Denise and I along as her +2.

My first time having Crispy Pata -- a twice-cooked crispy pork leg.

Jen's Cakes was there. They made Denise's wedding cake (which included a delicious banana cake layer) and they supplied the best red velvet mini cupcakes.

I mean, those suckers were really good. So good that Denise began quietly hoarding them.

And there was chocolate Shokolaat.

After eating chocolates and pork and steak, we went upstairs and had more cupcakes from another cupcakery because it wasn't gross enough that we had about 24 of Jen's cupcakes between the three of us downstairs.

So happy together....

Back downstairs for something delicious in a cup.

The dancers that performed were awesome. This was right before she held a candle to her thigh and then consequently put out the flame with her bare foot.

The Children's Discovery Museum was such a neat place to host the event. There was so much to do and see, including a life-size firetruck.

And of course, the night wouldn't be complete without a pink bus.

Note to self: Become an Elite Yelp member A.S.A.P.!


Cham said...

This event looks amazing! And I just had a similar experience... There was a gallery showcase at my university this past weekend, so my friend and I went expecting the "refreshments" to be a few veggie platters and crackers. What did we find? A full buffet of stuffed mushrooms, brie, quesadillas, o it all looked amazing! Unfortunately I ate ahead of time (pasta carbonara thank you very much - and i mean that, thank you, Roy's recipe is fantastic!) and only ate a few nibbles. Now I know, and will never make the same mistake again! :)

The Bug said...

Wow that all looks fabulous! I really love cupcakes so now I'm kind of sad that I'm sitting here eating leftover Chinese food & no cupcake in sight. :(

2busy said...

You only live once...I would have needed some Tums later, i think...

Suzanne Denning said...

You have the best fun times. Oh to be young & have that kind of freedom (and energy)!!

Erin P said...

It looks like it was fantastic!! And lots of fun with your friends. I must be the only one who doesn't know...but I'll ask anyway. What is "Yelp?"

Sobrina Tung said...

It's a review site, I highly recommend it! I use it to find great places to eat, get my hair cut and get my car serviced all the time. :)

AW said...

That is the most confusingly-summarized-in-photos party ever. "Cake! Also: Firefighter costumes!"

Sobrina Tung said...

LOL, don't be jealous Alex!

Daniella said...

GOOD thing you ate before heading over afterall!

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