Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lovejoy's Team Room

This weekend, I finally got to try Lovejoy's, a completely dainty and charming tea room in the City.

It was like two women got together with a jar of Quaint 'n' Charming, ripped that thing open and unleashed it everywhere.

Thank goodness they did because everything inside really made me want to run home and put doilies under everything.

And the tea was good! We got about 5 different pots to share -- my favorite was the black currant.

The best part of everything we ate were the warm scones and the Devonshire Cream. The only downside was that for the rest of the day, my stomach begged me to learn how to make scones so moist and delicious.

Petit fours, I learned, are small dessert cakes made of marzipan. Aren't they pretty?

We couldn't stop staring at this lady's outfit -- someone takes teatime very seriously!


Tonia said...

Teatime deserves to be taken seriously!

Anonymous said...

That looks really cool! I want to go there!!

Breenuh said...

This sounds like such a lovely outing! I love the decor and especially the china. Oh, and your sweater is super cute!

Sashee said...

Great pics, Sobrina!

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