Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to Tie a Tiffany Bow

When it comes to gift wrap, you'd be hard-pressed to find something that sends a girl's heart a flutter the same way that a Tiffany Blue box and big white bow do. Apparently people have done studies on this and, on average, a woman's heart rate increases by 22 percent when she sees this color. I didn't believe it myself until I received my first Tiffany box on my birthday this year (thanks, D!) and felt surprisingly excited and flushed. So although you might not be able to afford a diamond necklace for all your friends this holiday season, make their heart skip a beat with pretty wrapping and a perfectly executed Tiffany bow on top. I learned how to tie a Tiffany bow from a friend well-versed in all things good and Tiffany.

Place the ribbon in the center of the box and hold in center with thumb. Leave approximately a box length of ribbon at the bottom of the box.

Wrap the top half, or the "working end," of the ribbon around the box to your thumb. Hold both ribbons with your thumb.

Fold back top ribbon at a 45 degree angle and wrap around side and back of box. Hold both ribbons with your thumb.

Place working end over the top two pieces of ribbon. Tuck the working end under both ribbons, starting at lower left quadrant surfacing on the upper right quadrant.

Tighten ends and center on box.

Make a loop with working end.

Wrap short end around loop and push through opening to form the second loop of the bow.

Tighten and adjust bow. Clip ribbon ends at a diagonal. Ribbon should not extend beyond the edge of the box.

This Tiffany Blue business card case is my first ever Tiffany piece. When I need a pick-me-up during the day, I just open up my purse to look at it and my heart starts going 22% faster and I don't even have to refill my coffee. It's amazing.

Ever since I learned this technique, I've gone bow-tying mad. And once you learn it, trust me, never again will you ask to borrow someone's finger to help you tie a bow.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Just in time for the holiday gift wrapping. Thanks for sharing!

T said...

I think you know how I feel about all things Tiffany- best post ever, miss you sob!

OccasionalSugar said...

Haha, when Eric and I started dating I mentioned how much I think Tiffany is lame. It was right around when that line of silver heart jewelery came out and everyone I knew and their moms had one. About a year later, when he searched everywhere for the perfect Christmas gift, he found this kick-ass snowflake necklace at Tiffany and got it for me. He actually took the time to spray paint the box a different color so I wouldn't hate the necklace cause of where it came from.
I DO LOVE the necklace though so maybe I should change my mind about that place!

Sobrina Tung said...

That IS a nice necklace :) I agree that I'm not a fan of the heart necklaces, but there is something about seeing that box and bow! Funny story about Eric spray painting it just for you.

lyndsey | paper girl said...

okay, i love this post. i totally suck at tying bows and will definitely be using this tutorial when i wrap my gifts next week :)

Phoenix Rising said...

I wouldn't even mind the Tiffany's box without the bow.... but the bow is lovely!

Thai said...

This is a smart posting.

Anonymous said...

great post, how can i tie a tiffany bow without the box?

ernestiriveraas said...

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