Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cambodian Holiday: the pretty, the cheap, and the must-dos

buddha statue at angkor wat

Cambodia is filled with beautiful temples, crazy driving, out-of-this-world, hour-long body massages for just $4, good food (even Italian!), and either really, really poor people or really, really rich people. It was an amazing trip and totally worth every minute of sitting on the 16-hour flight.

apsara dancers

$6 hair wash and blowout (which included a 20-minute head, neck and shoulder massage)

cute boutiques like keokjay in siem reap's pub street district

the royal palace


enjoying the hot, hot heat

spending time with these ladies


Karin said...

I *love* your blown-out hair! It looks so smooth and silky. Looking forward to seeing more pics from your trip! I head to Brazil on Saturday. :)

Anonymous said...

Fun, fun travels! Though I'm having some hair-envy issues - hair looks healthy and amazing! Should book a salon appointment soon -- I bet that pigs will fly first before I can book one for $6!

Been out of the blog-hood, back now (with a new home), hope you still remember me :)


LEAH said...

wow, Cambodia looks amazing! i have to put it on my calendar for the next adventure!

kakon said...

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