Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Webpage Dedicated to One Girl's Dream Job

A number of years ago, when I decided to leave my first job out of college as a market researcher, I wanted to start working as a copywriter for an ad agency. Unfortunately (as it is with so many jobs), all the open positions I found were looking for people with a few years' experience. Without any copywriting experience on my resume, it seemed almost impossible to break into the profession, so I decided to heck with it, and wrote a non-conventional cover letter in about 20 minutes. It was actually more of a story than an actual cover letter, and it felt electrifying to write it. I sent it off to a small company that sounded like a perfect fit and was thrilled when they responded! I ended up working there for a year and felt pretty happy with myself for my creativity. Now I feel silly once I see the things other people put together to land their dream jobs. My newest admiration: this webpage a creative gal named Netta put together called It's so simple yet so clever. I hope she gets the job!

(p.s. a really cool CV)


Laura said...

Brilliant idea! As a soon to be graduate of Journalism with a minor in Marketing, I am always reading about how hard it's going to be to break into it. I love seeing the creativity people are using to get where they want to go. Thanks for sharing!

allyn said...

i'd have to agree! creative jobs require stand out resumes. not to mention, it shows off a part of you that might be the biggest asset. i do find it inspirational! thanks for sharing.

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