Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vintage-Inspired Mantel

One of the coolest things about our new apartment (is it weird that I still call it new even though we've lived here for over 3 months?) is the fireplace in the living room. I've been collecting items from rummage sales and antique shops to decorate the mantel with and just wanted to share a few of the things I've found.

At a recent rummage sale, there were stacks and stacks of old books for purchase. You could fill an entire paper bag for just $5. These ones reminded me of the calming shades of the ocean.

These frames are almost like new--they'd been packed away in a box for so long that I had completely forgotten about them. That's my grandpa sitting on a plane in the picture on the left and my dad's high school diploma from Cambodia on the right.

I scored this chicken-wire cloche from the Anteo in Los Gatos that's closing. (awesome sales of 25-75% off!)


{BlueEyedYonder} said...

Oh!! How I need to find books that cheap! I am working on filling my entire fireplace with books. I have 87 books in there right now and I'm only a little over halfway. I keep waiting to finish it so I can share pictures. At this rate I will be tired of it before it ever gets completed. :-)

Love your mantel and would love to go thriftin' with you!

featherfactor said...

I love are so lucky to have one! Love that you placed the old books over it and I need to get over to that Anteo...the sale sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing :)

Micaela said...

i'm in LOVE with your mantel (and your blog!)

i love the frame photo of your dad's diploma and the vintage feel.

and i want to go shopping with you at Anteo Home!


Thai said...

you have a great eye for putting scapes together.

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