Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where Christmas trees come from

This year, Alan and I cut down our own Christmas tree! Because neither of us had ever done it before, I fantasized pictured that we'd drive up to a mountain somewhere and chop down a few trees like in a SUV commercial. But it turns out that that's illegal, so instead we went to a Christmas tree farm where everything's all very organized and there are trees everywhere.

Our friend Scott, who's an expert at chopping down Christmas trees, helped us scope out the best ones. He said to pick a tree surrounded by light, that way it would have even branches all the way around.

I got a little carried away practicing for the big chop.

We picked a really nice tree (the biggest one we've ever had), and cutting it down was a lot easier than I had imagined.

 It's all about the saw action...

 And yelling "timber!" as the tree falls.

That evening we came home and set our tree up in the living room. The entire house smelled like fresh pine; it was pretty wonderful. Now that we've seen our tree's original surroundings, it's fun and odd to see it standing indoors next to our non-naturey TV and books. He definitely needs some lights and tinsel.


Briel79 said...

We went and chopped down a tree one year as a family. It was pretty fun and they smell so wonderful! I have a fake tree now and one of my kittens, Oz, keeps climging up inside it and taking the ornaments off. Bad kitty!

Han said...

Love when the experience of getting the tree is just as (and sometimes more) fun as having a tree!

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