Monday, March 5, 2012


This weekend was filled with delightfully soft and squishy things. On Saturday we stopped by the bizarre goodness that is the Mitsuwa grocery store/food court so we could try mochicream. When I first heard about these Japanese rice cakes, their bright colors and promise of ice cream filling is what piqued my interest. Then I learned that they're not filled with ice cream at all, but a regular cream. I have to admit I was a teensy bit disappointed, but the variety of flavors — like chocolate banana, green tea, and blueberry yogurt — was still enough to get me through the door (being located next to this ramen spot also helped). I had the black sesame and darjeeling tea, and Alan had the red bean and the green tea. Each mochicream is surrounded by soft mochi and filled with a light cream and smooth bean paste flavored accordingly. They were so good! I loved the flavors, especially the darjeeling, and the contrast between the light-as-air cream and chewy mochi.

On Sunday our streak of soft and squishy continued as we were walking into Costco and saw the cutest, most Vienna-sausage-shaped English bulldog ever. I wanted to steal him.

{images by Quiet Like Horses}


heodeza said...

oh wow... these look a-ma-zing!

a ji o ji suno ji said...

I just found your blog and when I saw you lived in Chicago I flipped a little. I moved away last July after being their two years and I miss it so. Indy is such a poor replacement.
English Bulldog Puppies

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