Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to ask a girl to prom

how to ask a girl to prom
My cousin Scott just went to his jr. prom with a girl he's had a crush on since freshmen year. To ask her, he got a block of ice, drilled a hole in it, and stuck a series of notes inside. When she pulled it out, the first note said "Now that we've broken the ice..." followed by "Will you go to prom with me!?" with each word strung together. Isn't that cute?

Do you remember how you were asked? Or were you the one who did the asking? I had to ask two boys! The first one ditched me a week before the dance because he "didn't want to lead me on." (He was convinced I was in love with him which was so far from the truth. Please. I only had eyes for my honors chem lab partner who was a bad boy with tattoos and who talked back to the teacher, but who, unfortunately, already had a girlfriend.) I ended up asking the class clown from French class instead.
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dancing queen

(second image by oh hello friend, third image via artymiss)

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