Monday, May 6, 2013

How to Order Dinner at A New Restaurant

nick's next door lamb chop lollipops
nick's next door nani's meatloaf
At dinner on Saturday night, Alan and I ordered like we normally do: an appetizer to share, two main courses and a dessert with two spoons. (We had the duck confit served with creamy polenta and wild mushrooms, the lamb chop lollipops, the meatloaf and the warm banana rum bread pudding—all of which made our eyes roll back into our heads—in case you were curious :) As we were finishing our dessert, a couple sat down next to us and ordered one of each appetizer—and that was it! This way, they explained, they could sample a lot of dishes (seven or eight between the two of them) since they had never been there before. What a great way to experience a new restaurant, don't you think? You'd get to try a little bit of everything and never suffer from dish envy where you wish you'd ordered what your date did.

(photos of the deliciousness from Nick's Next Door)

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