Thursday, February 27, 2014

Orange Twist

knotted dress
dresses with flats
dress and trench coat
gold tassel loafers
knotted jersey dress
I love the simplicity of this long sleeve dress and how the knot adds a fun twist. I always think these types of knots help clothes drape better and are so flattering on all body types.

p.s. I just answered a survey and said my favorite colors are coral, gold and camel, but this week I realized I wore this orange dress to The Lab event, my nails are currently orange and we have orange towels hanging in the bathroom. Someone's in denial.

(Photos by Michelle Daily)

1 comment:

mila said...

Hi Sobrina! I am eyeing that fun dress on eBay and was wondering if you found it to be true to size. I always love your anthropologie picks!

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