Thursday, May 1, 2014

First Day of Work Outfit

H&M work outfit
My sister Sophie starts her new marketing internship at McAfee today (if you buy a computer with McAfee already pre-loaded, you can think of her :) We've been texting about important first-day details, like what her team will be like, who she'll eat lunch with and, of course, what to wear. Bay Area companies are pretty casual, but Sophie said people were a bit more dressed up when she interviewed. The outfit above from H&M was my top vote. It's the perfect mix of dressy and fun. Speaking of H&M, I never seem to find anything there, but this skirt reminds me of more expensive ones I've seen at Anthropologie. (In fact, after she sent this, I checked my local store, but they were all sold out.)

Don't you just love the excitement of first days? 

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