Sunday, October 28, 2018

My "Where-Did-You-Get-Those-Pants?" Pants

The other day, I was walking down the street, when someone started following me. The footsteps got closer and closer, the sound of them getting faster and faster until they matched my own. As I tightened the grip on my bag, I braced myself. I would swing my bag at their head. I would kick them. I would run away. The possibilities flew through my head. And then, before I could do any of these things, they were right there in front of me. A little lady in her late sixties. "Excuse me, but I've been following behind you, and I just had to ask, where did you get your pants?" she asked, pulling a pen and pad of paper out from her purse.

I shouldn’t have been so surprised. They were, after all, the pants. The pants that everybody asks about when I wear them to work or to get a cup of coffee. (The little lady on the street was my favorite inquirer :)

High-waisted, wide-legged and cropped, they're the perfect Jesse Kamm knock-offsand at a fifth of the price. And now these high-waist, wide-leg pants are on sale for $40!

Styling suggestions:
  • Pair with a white-tee tucked in or knotted at the front
  • Top with a leather jacket
  • Complete with mule flats or white sneakers
(Top image via Jesse Kamm, bottom image via ShopBop/Amazon)

Monday, October 15, 2018

3 Dainty Necklaces

For a long time, my jewelry of choice were tiny little rings. Then one day over the summer, while waiting for a table at Duck and Waffle, I noticed the hostess wearing two layered necklaces. So delicate, you almost missed them. I liked that. Just a little something for yourself, something pretty to catch sight of when you look in the mirror or to run between your fingers when you're deep in thought. Here are my three current favorites.

1. The Dashed Collar 

My desk mate Steph shared the brand Automic Gold with me. Their tagline "Yes, wear it in a pool. Yes, wear it to sleep" answers every question I ever had about buying gold jewelry off the internet. Plus, I love the alternating beads and dashes. Like repeating morse code.

2. A Beaded Satellite Chain

I never thought about wearing chains on their own, but lately I've been wearing this beaded satellite necklace everywhere. I have it in the rose gold and love that it never gets in the way and I never have to take it off. 

3. A Mini Healing Quartz Pouch

My co-worker Kat came back from her trip to Greece with this VK Lillie necklace (except hers is tan leather), and every time she wears it, I can't help but stare. This last time she wore it, I stared so much, she opened it up to show me the mini quartz stone it held inside. How magical! 

Which is your favorite? Do you have any other jewelry brands I need in my life? 

(Second image by Gldn; third image by Pamono)
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