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I help small business owners become better writers.

I’m a copywriter and content strategist teaching entrepreneurs like you how to write copy that reflects your brand’s unique story. Through my newsletter, blog posts and bite-sized Instagram posts, you can learn how to use your words to connect with your ideal audience and grow your business. Because just as much as your story matters, so does the way you tell it.

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Good stories are what move us without lifting a finger. They help us feel connected to people we’ve never even met. And they’re exactly what make fantastic brands like yours, well, irresistible.

Raise your hand if you…

I’ll help you organize your thoughts on paper by diving deep into understanding your brand, your customers and how you help them. Grab a snack and put on your comfy pants, but don’t worry about getting too cozy. Our deep dive consists of a painless questionnaire and a follow-up call, uncovering the details that bring your story to life. I’ll take everything you shared and turn it into copy that does your job for you 24/7.

When we’re finished working together, your copy will guide your audience through knowing more about your brand in the right way and the right order, revealing the information they need to know (no more, no less) right when they need to know it.

Thank goodness, me neither.

I help women who have something valuable to offer, which makes my job easy. In our time together, we’ll focus on sharing all of the value you bring to the table, how you help your customers and why it matters so much (because it does).

Positioning what you have to offer will feel like the most natural next step. It won’t feel salesy, sleazy or anything else that sounds like melted sludge on the bottom of your shoe.

It’ll just make sense. Like hitting “skip intro” so you can watch more of your fave Netflix shows before bed.

I’m talking baby-tigers-mullets-and-love-triangles irresistible. The kind of copy you just can’t help but finish.

I’m an excellent listener with a knack for storytelling and can turn what might have seemed like a minor passing comment into the perfect headline, FAQ or caption. It’ll make your audience do the slow nod (and think “that’s me”) as they read.

How I can help

Sales or services page



Long-form conversion copy that includes everything your ideal customer would need to be convinced they need your services or product.




Need to add clarity to a webpage? Infuse your brand voice into launch copy? Or add elements of your brand story throughout social captions? I’ll make every word count to really pack a punch and hit your copy objectives. Contact me for a customized quote.

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