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In junior high, I began to expand my interest in clothes beyond pink dresses and cozy color-coordinated sweatsuits. I remember consulting the school’s dress code and being appalled at the section which states students shall not wear crop tops or other midriff baring shirts. The dress code had a whole list of things we wanted to do but couldn’t — we couldn’t wear red or blue (and how we were supposed to express our patriotism I still don’t know) and we couldn’t wear shorts that didn’t skim the bottom of our knees. For the school to include crop tops on the list of things we couldn’t wear implied that we wanted to wear them. And who would want to wear a crop top?

I have never liked them and doubt I ever will. They’ve been popping up everywhere lately, and as much as I try to see them in a favorable light, I still think they look a lot like the boxy shrunken shirts my favorite troll dolls used to wear.

(Image from Refinery29)

Last modified: January 10, 2019