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Office Talk: What pictures do you have up in your work space?


A few years ago, a busybody co-worker once stood at my desk assessing everything on it. The messy stacks of paper. The half empty coffee cups. And the absence of any pictures. “Why don’t you have any pictures?” she pried. “Well,” I said, thinking it over. “Well, because I’m… I’m a private person.” She gave me a look like I was stranger than strange and walked away. After she left, I thought about how I’m not really that private if I go home every night to share the details of my life on the Internet, so I’ve since put up a few pictures of Alan and my family. Sometimes someone will come by and see the picture of my sister Sophie and ask if that’s me. And I always think Wouldn’t that be the strangest thing to have a framed picture of myself sitting on my desk? Which makes me wonder, is it not that strange? Do you have any solo pictures of yourself in your work space? What other pictures do you keep?

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Last modified: January 10, 2019