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The Magical Jumpsuit


how to style a jumpsuit
If there’s one trend I’m excited about wearing this spring, it’s the jumpsuit. At first I thought they might be too trendy or that I’d end up looking like a J.Lo-wannabe, but then I tried one on and I instantly understood. Jumpsuits are one of the rare things in life that seem too good to be true but aren’t. They’re just good. And so, so comfortable. Wearing one feels like you’re getting away with something. After all, how is it possible to wear what are essentially onesie pajamas out to dinner and still get compliments on your outfit? It’s mysteries like this that are made possible with jumpsuits. The most magical jumpsuit of all is this one from Target. It’s under $30, comes in two colors and fits tall and short people alike (I just roll up the pants when I wear them). My stylish friend Alyssa wore it one day and set off a chain reaction. So far she’s inspired three other friends, myself included, to buy it (and wear it every day (okay, that might just be me)). As she says, it’s an all-in-one outfit that you don’t have to think about; just throw it on and go.
(Top and bottom photo via WhoWhatWear.com, middle photo via PopSugar)

Last modified: January 10, 2019