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Do You Have a Secret Beauty Weapon?


my secret beauty weapon: nars red square lip pencil
Click to Buy: Red Square by NARS; $22.99

Here’s how to find out if you do…

Whenever you wear it (whatever it is), do people tend to:

  • Tilt their head like they’re seeing you for the first time (even though you see them every day) and comment that you look nice/different/pretty today?
  • Ask if you got a hair cut (even though you didn’t)?
  • Ask if you’re wearing a new blush (even though you’ve been wearing the same blush for the past decade)?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you definitely have a secret beauty weapon.

My Secret Beauty Weapon

My secret beauty weapon is a swipe of bright lipstick. Ever since cutting my hair, I’ve been hooked on the color Red Square by @narsissist. It’s an orange-red that somehow looks natural despite being super-duper BRIGHT. The funny thing is, whenever I wear it, people notice something is different and will guess everything else BUT my bright-as-heck lips. Want to try it? Buy it below! And send me pics, please if you do try it 🙂

Nars Red Square Lip Pencil, $22.99

This lip pencil is my absolute favorite for the perfect red-orange to brighten your entire face and that’s flattering for day and night. And the color lasts all day, fading to a subtle coral (if you’re lazy about touch-ups like me).

p.s. My sister Sophie’s secret beauty weapon is a Garnier hair paste. When she uses that and diffuses her curly hair, even people on the street will comment!

Last modified: June 9, 2019