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Is There Such a Thing as TOO Much Copy?


It can be tricky knowing if you’re including too much copy in your emails. So here’s a tip: If you feel like you’re including everything, that’s a good sign you probably are.

Wanna see what I’m talking about? Let’s take a look at this real-life email from my inbox.

The one with TMI copy + no clear CTA

How cute is Virgie Tovar? My eyes skimmed right down to this section in my local library’s email to read more—and immediately glazed over. Here’s why:

  • The title of this section is the book title, but the supporting copy is about related events.
    • Fix: If the goal is to promote the events, make that the title. Something like: Join Us and Virgie Tovar, Author of You Have the Right to Remain Fat
  • The copy for both events is crammed in together.
    • Fix: Give each event some breathing room by adding a subheader above each event.
    • Above the first paragraph, you could add “An Evening with Virgie Tovar on 8/18 at 7 pm”
    • Above the second paragraph, the subheader could be “OTSP Book Club on 8/16 at 2 pm”
  • There are two links to learn more about each event and two smaller links to RSVP at the bottom
    • Fix: Have one clear CTA (either a button or link) for each event

Buuut, the best solution to get the most engagement (which lots of brands don’t like to hear) is to pick one thing to promote. Either the event with Virgie or the book club. I’d pick the event with Virgie and then include a the book club as a side note or a p.s.

By simplifying, you’re helping your readers stay engaged (no glazed eyeballs here) and take action (RSVP for the event!).

Last modified: August 9, 2020