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On Fridays


On Friday mornings, we wake up and we feel lighter. When we walk into our offices we feel the air from the door closing behind us — whoosh! — and we smile at those we pass, at those who are in their offices early (those damn go-getters!), (but we don’t think of this, because it is Friday). Because it is Friday we log into gchat and feel that our casual clothing for the day allows us extra time to sip our coffee, to wake up properly and we IM people on our buddy list with the simple but buoyant “TGIF!”

By 10:00 AM the coffee’s not working quickly enough and we start to wonder if we should throw caution to the wind and find a way to inject the caffeine directly into our blood streams.

At 11:00 AM we walk to the bathroom, partly because we need to empty our bladders full of coffee, creamer and Splenda, but mostly we use it as an excuse to get up and walk around and talk about how we can’t wait for the day to be over or how happy we are for it to be Friday with our office-confidantes.

By 2:00 PM we decide this is the slowest day we have ever lived.

By 2:23 PM we double, triple check our computer clocks — only 23 minutes have passed??? Is this right??

By the time 4:00 PM rolls around, the majority of people have ceased pretending to be working at maximum capacity. People might gather around desks and doorways, the conversation topic having nothing to do with the papers they clutch in their hands.

By 5:30 PM, I realize that I have actually spent too much time on all of the above activities and as people are running for the door, I am packing papers and notes into my purse to take home and think about/work on over the weekend. Except over the weekend the papers take up too much space in my purse and I can’t be sure my wallet is in there when I leave to get yogurt and the paper-clutter makes it hard to find my pedometer. So nearly without fail, the papers get placed on the floor of my car, behind the driver’s seat, and I find my Saturday mornings are instead consumed with catching up on my Us Weekly subscription.

Last modified: January 10, 2019