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An Unusual Wednesday


Most Wednesday’s go like this: they start with maybe the smallest of sighs (have we only really gotten to Wednesday?) which might then turn into a slightly bigger, although still minimal, sigh — does today require me now to leave this warm, soft place that so cradles my body, my head hugged so lovingly by this pillow, the sheets, the comforter all wrapped so perfectly around me?

After having settled in at our desks, the rest of the day is filled with getting things done that are due on Friday by Thursday so that Friday can be devoted to things that are done expressly on Fridays. (see previous post “On Fridays”)

But today was unlike any ordinary Wednesday. I knew this from the beginning, when I walked out of my house and on my way to my car, saw this:

“‘Scuse me, just passin’ through.”

Then, instead of sitting at my desk and staring out the window, I did this:

Posed as a human sign for accurate future sign placement and sizing.

And instead of talking to clients over the phone or in stuffy conference rooms across wide, empty tables, I was talking to people outside of country clubs, behind the kitchen, where management was busy creating special Easter decorations like this one:

“Is it hard being the Easter brunch centerpiece? I’d say so. Everyone always expects me to be so cool.”

Who knew wild animal sightings and ice sculptures could break up hump day so well? Now if only I could get a job as a human sign full time…

Last modified: January 10, 2019