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From Point A to Point B


When speed is the impetus for movement on Monday mornings, it is important for one to focus on this one thing. It is crucial to not let thoughts of the plot twist from the french movie seen last night crowd one’s mind because the careful selection of lanes and the exact timing of lane changes should take up the majority of one’s mental capacity.

When one gets really good at the art of driving in morning rush hour traffic, it won’t matter that the fast lane is full of chaotic drivers in their BMWs or metal boats who drive piled upon each other, within 2 inches of the accidents that are terrible and gruesome, the kind that we all slow to 25mph to look at and then recount in their gloriously terrible details to our office mates. Neither will it matter that the right lane is reserved for people either driving 90mph or 50 mph. And it won’t matter that these are the only two lanes to choose from because in the middle lane is a big rig crawling along at 38mph.

To get to this state of skilled morning driving, it is crucial to want to get to point B from point A. If it helps to frame the importance of getting to point B as a means to living, then one should read the business section about the high rate of unemployment and about the thousands of job cuts and be thankful. When your colleague comes up to your desk to ask you for things, to look into this and that, to see if you’ve started working on something due 5 weeks from now, you will smile your brightest smile, as if your mother had just taken it off, polished it for you and fixed it upon your face. You will take care to select the right accessories to complement the shade of purple you are wearing, accessories that will communicate the essence of power words found on resumes like “sharp,” “thinks on her feet,” “self-starter.”

And it’s recommended to fuel this morning challenge with a smart mini-meal choice. Heavy, warm and/or comforting foods that might remind one too much of the comfort of one’s bed or that might induce food coma should be avoided. It is best to stick to light foods, crispy foods. One that snap, crackle and pop when eaten. Peanut brittle is a good example of such a food.

Last modified: January 10, 2019