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Time off from working has its advantages. For one, I have an increased amount of time for leisure reading, especially blog reading. As I am getting deeper into the blogging community, I’ve realized that I’m reading the big names in blogs, which is fine because they are good and well-written and I look forward to reading them, but I really wish I knew of and could read the work of burgeoning bloggers because it’s nice to know (if you are one of them) that people are reading what you write.

When it comes to reading blogs, I am somewhat particular in my tastes. Well, not really. They just have to keep my interest and there should be a limit placed on posts that read “I don’t really have anything to write today” and that is the whole post. If that is the case, then there really is no need to blog at all for that day, is there? Unless it is done in an interesting way, reminiscent of the act at the circus where the man walks out spinning fire and then eventually eats it and is still alive and not cooked through afterwards.

Here are the big name blogs I’ve been reading. I consider that a blog has made it big when you can advertise enough on your blog to allow you to quit your day job and make a living out of blogging. Like dooce. This lady makes me laugh out loud nearly everyday. And not in that fake, contrived laughing out loud reserved for those jokes you don’t understand but pretend to and so must laugh out loud. She makes me laugh in a surprised sort of way, like I am almost not expecting to laugh at all that day when all of a sudden I read her latest post and a rip-roaring guffaw comes out of me and then I am clutching my computer and wheezing and pointing at it and looking at whoever is sitting next to me to try and get them to read it too.

Or sweet-juniper. Also makes me laugh out loud and is really well written. Both blogs are written by people who know how to take a good picture and have really cute children.

Both make me want to have my own babies.

I also think your blog has made it big when it is in the top 1% of all blogs, like Stephanie Klein’s. I am probably the last person to discover her blog, but I just found it, and she has an interesting story to tell, so I thought I’d share.

Last modified: January 10, 2019