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Working Availability


Have you noticed that when you’re single, no one wants to date you? And it doesn’t matter how many good jokes you’ve practiced, how your shoes match the purple flecks in your shirt or how talented you may be at playing the piano. It just doesn’t matter because you’re available and the fact that you spent time planning a coordinated outfit, or that you try to crack jokes for the amusement of others, makes it even more obvious that you are available.

I’ve noticed lately that the same goes for jobs.

For nearly a month, the routine went like this:
Wake up at a reasonably early hour (considering I had no where to be really, except at my computer).
Make coffee. Drink coffee.
Watch the cats nap and stare out the sliding glass door and feels pangs of envy wishing I could experience such pleasure from such simple things.
Search for jobs of interest.
Search for jobs of “dream job” status.
Research “dream jobs” and spend many hours scouring the internet for any information or tips on how to secure said “dream job.”
Experience feelings of dismay at the seeming impossibleness of attaining “dream-job.”
Reassess situation.
Consider open door-to-door sales positions. Or perhaps telemarketing.
Stop feeling sorry for self and complaining to friends of working status on gchat.
Search for more jobs.
Write more cover letters.
Tweak and compose and create brilliant objective lines for resumes.

At the end of nearly a month of this, I still hadn’t heard anything from anyone. I re-read the cover letters I had spent the most time on. The ones that were witty, that did not start off with “To whom this may concern,” the ones that said pick me, I’m the one you need to do the job.

Then one Monday I interviewed. On Tuesday I got a call to offer me the position. On Wednesday I started. On Wednesday night, Friday afternoon and the following Monday evening, I received phone calls and emails from the same people that had all received the cover letters I had just recently re-read.

Last modified: January 10, 2019