Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Expanding Ache

It comes when driving over bridges, on quiet drives home in the dark empty quiet, on the first warm day of the year. From the earliest years of our life, if we are lucky, we are taught to want more. That the point of life is to constantly want something better, something more encompassing, something offering increased levels of comfort.

And on bridges with the windows cracked open and the spring air licking our faces, it makes its presence well known and the want becomes an expanding ache. And at first it is easy to dismiss the ache and follow the path carved out in front of you, but then the years go by and you feel it more and more, even on the first cool day of what you think is the start of fall and sometimes late at night while brushing your teeth.

1 comment:

geoffkinn said...

I know that ache well. I get it often, when driving my convertible over the hill to Santa Cruz alone on a perfect full moon evening.

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