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More Mugs Wanted


Sometimes I find things that are so cute they make me want to throw up. My excitement rises through my chest, my face flushes and I find the tips of my fingers resting on my lips in a contemplative way, trying to think what would look better in my kitchen, the apples and pears mug or the etc scribble stem mug?

And then I remember that because the green saucers I bought came with 2 mugs and I had previously bought 2 other bowl-like mugs to eat cereal out of AND I previously owned 2 others, I am maxed out on the number of mugs a person living alone should own. Lest I risk becoming the person who collects spoons or decorative thimbles from every state or tourist attraction I visit.

The cupboard in my kitchen will allow for a few more plates, perhaps some actual bowls, but to glasses and mugs they cross their arms and tell me they are too laden with drinkware to bear any more. I understand. They are very narrow and limited in space, limited even more so due to the impossibly tall third shelf on which I can store nothing as I would not be able to remember it was there, much less retrieve it.

Last modified: January 10, 2019