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The Power of Richard Gere


For one reason or another, up until now, I hadn’t really heard much about Apple’s new (to me) Leopard operating system. This could have a lot to do with what seems to be a very large push, on their part, of their ever-changing offering of upgraded iPods.

Today I walked into the Apple store with Nathalie so she could buy her mom an iPod. To my surprise, the nano Alan had bought not more than a few months ago had been replaced with a line of new, brightly colored ones. Nathalie and I ooh’d and ahh’d over them for some time, lifting each one off its dock and cradling each in our hands, before settling on a nice orange one.

It was not until I asked the sales lady what happened to the nanos of two months past that we learned that the new ones offered much more than the old ones, more than just the Skittle colored exteriors we admired so much. These ones offered wide-screen views for when you really want to get a good view of the movie you’re watching — almost like being right there in a movie theater! On top of that, you can even shake your new mp3 player to get it to skip to the next song. Finally! Therapeutic relief can be had for the entire workforce with this new, healthy way of releasing the tension that often builds up over the course of a day. Instead of the passive “just let it go,” we can now tell ourselves to “shake it out, just shake it out.” And in complete understanding, your iPod will quickly change songs appropriately to something soothing and upbeat, some Sheryl Crow perhaps.

When I got home from the timewarp (also known as the mall), curiously enough the Apple webpage popped up in my browser. And not just any ol’ Apple homepage popped up, but the exact page featuring OS X Leopard came up. Someone upstairs wants me to be using this operating system. And after watching the guided tour, delivered by a terribly convincing, handsome Apple retail man known by the name of John, I also want to be using this operating system. Even more interesting, how much does our friend John here look like he could be Richard Gere’s long lost brother?

Last modified: January 10, 2019