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Bad Copyeditors Hurt Everyone


Let’s say you are out for a stroll one day and run into two alternate interior angles formed by the same two parallel lines and transversal, and you just so happen to know how these angles could be expressed in algebraic expressions (8x-2 and 3x+17). Let’s also imagine that a man in a white poofy shirt comes galloping along on his horse and demands that you tell him the measure of the angles, lest he shall challenge you to a sword fight right then, right there.

Unshaken, you quickly realize that alternate interior angles are equal to each other so you think no problem! Set the 2 expressions equal to each other, do a little algebraic footwork — badda boom badda bang, you got your answer!

This, my friends, is how it would work in a right and just world. But when you find yourself trying to solve this problem in a book you bought and paid good money for to help you study such things, there will be no right answer, especially if you are using a Kaplan GMAT book. There will be no right answer from the a) – e) answer choices to choose from because the editors, or nose-picking interns, or whoever put this book together, will misprint the numbers in the equations so that all your time spent manipulating and combining like terms will be in vain.

Inevitably, you will become frustrated and lose sight of the fact that you are supposed to be studying to get into business school because all you can think about is how you could have done a much better job of editing and proofreading this book.

One good thing about frustration from studying is that it often leads to some of the best, most satisfying study breaks. Today my study breaks are spent on this awesome webcomic site Irene shared with me.

Aside from being clever, funny, nerdy, “awww” evoking and all that, his “About” page makes me want to be his friend. I really am a sucker for quirky “About” pages and funny emails. Someone help me.

Last modified: January 10, 2019