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Reunited At Long Last


I don’t remember how we first came to know of each other. I don’t even know how we first met. Our relationship came easy, a natural progression; some might even call it love at first sight. So while I don’t remember the early details, I do remember the important parts, mainly the passion, the love. When I introduced you to my friends, everyone, with the exception of a few (losers if you ask me), loved you from the start, but no one loved you like I did. There was Roy, and he was a close contestant vying for your love, but when he was sick with a sore throat and refused to have you, I knew I had won. I would have you no matter what, through thick and thin, through sickness and in health. When I decided to move back to the Bay Area, I knew the end for us was near, but I refused to fully believe it, afraid that I might forget you or you me. As my time left in L.A. grew shorter and shorter, I started seeing you more and more. What turned into a visit every so often, maybe once a week, turned into visits every other day, then daily, then multiple times a day. I started lying to those closest to me, just to have you near to me again. When I’d ask friends to visit you with me, they would give me an odd look and say, “Didn’t we just go yesterday?” or “We were just there 3 hours ago.” So to avoid this fiasco, I started telling white lies, “No, we didn’t just go. You’re thinking of like, 4 days ago. That was 4 days ago!” or “Oh yeah, I didn’t end up stopping by for breakfast. Do you want to go with me now?” And when we would meet, those first few moments were sweet, then tangy, slightly tart, but always, always marked by an indescribable drug-induced-like high. Was it crack you fed me? I had my suspicions, but it didn’t matter anyway, so happy I was to be with you. When we finally parted ways, I spent my nights and days wondering when we might be reunited next. And in my waiting and yearning, I must admit to you now, that I was unfaithful. Do you know how hard it was for me? Do you even know? Try as I might, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. If I couldn’t forget, I hoped to fill the void with another. I wanted to replace you, to stop wondering if late at night you were looking up at the same night sky I was and thinking of me. I found comfort in a number of different companions, but soon found that whatever comfort was to be had was small indeed. With time, I came to accept that I would never be able to replace you or forget you. I accepted this, but still I burned for you. So now you know, Pinkberry. I’ve laid out my heart in front of you and give it to you to do with it what you will. All I ask is for you to hurry up and open so we can see each other again. I don’t care how many people come to see you now that you’ve decided to move up to the Bay. I know you’ll recognize me. I’ll be the one who visits 3 times a day and orders a medium original with mochi, strawberry and mango toppings with a sample of your new pomegranate flavor on the side.

(Thanks Preethi, you are the bearer of such wondrous news.)

Last modified: January 10, 2019