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Britney, Cheetos and the Paps


This past weekend I had the pleasure of a leisurely Sunday in which I woke up, sipped cups upon cups of coffee and watched Britney’s new documentary Britney: For the Record. And it was fascinating.

I think the reason why I, along with millions of other 13-year old girls and 22-year old boys, find her so interesting, is that her life is significantly different from mine. For starters, she has been married twice, she has two children, she has the confidence to wear a shaved head around Hollywood, she dances, she lip syncs and she makes flashy music videos. Plus, when she goes to the grocery store and throws a bag of Cheetos in the cart, she makes the front cover of all the tabloids for being just like us — how much do we hold her in awe??

It’s insane to see the throngs of paparazzi that hound her and crowd around everywhere she goes. People are always talking about how terrible that would be, but I think I would love it. I would eat Cheetos all day. And I know paparazzi are supposed to be terrible and life-ruiners, but I say bless their souls. It’s a dirty, dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

Last modified: January 10, 2019