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Snow Days


Recent events have led me to believe that maybe in another life, I may have been a cat or perhaps a hibernating brown bear. While here in Oregon, anytime my head and/or body assumes an even slightly horizontal position, I can be sure sleep will soon be forthcoming. Yesterday I woke up at the deliriously delightful hour of noon and found myself snoozing on the couch again at midnight. Without work to think of, and with GMAT studying on a temporary hiatus, sleep comes almost too easy. Or maybe it comes easy from all the snow walking I’ve been doing lately…

For the past few days, we’ve been completely snowed in, something that is amazing and also slightly annoying. It’s amazing because when you grow up in California, all you want is to have a white Christmas. It’s annoying because piles and piles of cold, wet snow outside make it impossible to do anything but sit inside and enjoy your snow white Christmas.

Sunday afternoon we decided to go on a walk to the park, which, when we got there, was very much the opposite of a walk in the park.

My dad kept insisting we walk in the road where the snow had already been compacted, but I rather liked walking over the untouched ice. Everytime my foot crunched through, it reminded me of breaking the tops of creme brulee.

The biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen.

Today, we braved the snow again on a mission for provisions. Then, ravenous after our three-hour hike, we came home and proceeded to eat all the fruits of our labor.

Advice for if you ever need to go on a long walk to Safeway in the snow: Bring Kleenex.

Good to know knowledge from a truck.

By the time we got home…

Last modified: January 10, 2019