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Interesting Bits and Pieces


Every new year’s, three-quarters of the female population in the post-industrial world make one (if not multiple) of the following resolutions:

1) Lose weight (usually between 5-15 pounds)
2) Eat better
3) Spend less

This year I have decided I do not believe in New Year’s Resolutions because I don’t think something like “Lose weight” can be accomplished effectively if focused on during the first quarter of the year only (and let’s face it, people usually forget what they’ve resolved by the end of February).

So this year, instead of sharing what my resolutions are, I’d like to share a few splendid and interesting bits and things people have recently shared with me.

1) Faith (n.): complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Or, the name of the two-legged canine who walks upright like a human!

2) More proof that people can have the job of their dreams — even if that means getting paid to travel the world over to dance with people in front of famous landmarks and monuments. (My favorite part is when he is in Poria, Papua New Guinea).

And in case you have a similar dream to Matt, learn how he did it below.

3) Thai introduced me to this hilarious video blogger, Natalie, from Sydney. Her video blogs are mesmerizing; I couldn’t stop watching them all! She kind of reminds me of Ellen and makes me, too, want to talk in an Australian accent.

4) Often, I think about what I will dress my kids like when they are born. Today I was at Target and passed by some mini baby work out clothes — mini baby workout clothes! They looked like they were for someone who is 9-12 months old. Do babies go to the gym at that age? I should look into this because here I am thinking that many babies are still trying to master the art of holding up their head at that age, not hitting the gym to beat their best time on the treadmill. But then I remembered this article about a Super Baby, so if mine are anything like him, maybe I will need to get them some fancy work out gear.

Lastly (and this is very random), on New Year’s Day, I found myself engrossed in the world of New York socialites. Being the avid Perez Hilton reader, I thought I might be more interested in the lives of socialites, but it turns out I’m not. I did think it was interesting though that there is a whole world of people who are obsessed with them.

What triggered this interest was a show I have started watching (the name of which will be withheld to save myself some embarrassment). On the show, a socialite works for a famous designer and got me thinking “What do socialites actually do??” So I did a little google search and found this internet universe dedicated to documenting and capturing the moments of socialites’ lives. I even read this 8-page article about a website ranking socialites and the strong hold it possessed over all of them. Then I read about the new socialite blogging king, an 18-year old college student who runs the PerezHilton.com of the socialite world, Peer Avenue Peerage. When the article came out, he had never even been to New York! This is what he says when he talks to the reporter:

“I live in Urbana, near a farm,” he whispers when I call. “Oh, my God! I’m not supposed to reveal anything. I’m like—I’m not even white! Do you know how fucking riotous this would be? I am not the poster child. You would not even believe what I look like.”

Last modified: January 10, 2019