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Pinkberry Opening Date


A reliable* source has revealed exclusively** to me that Pinkberry*** in Santana Row will open its doors on January 15, 2009****.

*This source has been wrong once or twice before, so I should clarify that when I say she is reliable, what I really mean is that I am just really hoping that this time she has gotten all her facts straight.
**If “revealed exclusively” means having the Santana Row concierge answer the same question I call her with every other day — Is Pinkberry open yet? — then I think it is definitely fair to call this exclusive. However, if you build a rapport with the concierge by calling often enough and develop just the right amount of pitiful-ness in your voice like you are a desert traveler in search of just a drop of water to quench your thirst, you can probably call for yourself and get a straight answer.
***The tantalizing, smooth, creamy, but not too creamy (not like custard creamy), illegal stimulant-laced goodness of a blessed frozen yogurt with mochi, strawberry and mango toppings.
****The day God himself will deliver unto me the best, most delicious present of all time (at least this year… so far.).

Last modified: January 10, 2019