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Somewhere In The Middle


Whoever said life is like a roller coaster was spot on. I mean, really nailed it on the head. The variety of build ups from quick and small to long and slow, the drops that go straight down and send your stomach flying into your throat, the turns that throw you against the side of your chair, the turns that go upside down, the parts that go straight, the parts that go so fast you lose your voice. It’s a lot like life in many ways. Just think about the entirety of your life and how many times you’ve had food poisoning. Food poisoning definitely drops you way, way down and makes things from your stomach fly up to your throat. And that is just one example. Life is crazy, bumpy, smooth — like lots of parts of the roller coaster. However, unlike the ones found in theme parks, the real roller coaster of life offers no guarantees. When falling down a particularly long and steep descent or just when riding along in general, your safety harness might just fly off, the person next to you might beat you up mid-ride for all the money you had intended to spend at the gift shop, a bird could fly into your eye and cause permanent vision impairment. There are no guarantees that you’ll get to the end of the ride still safely strapped in and just as happy as when you got on. I suppose the eternal optimist would say, “But that’s the fun part right?” And the Debbie Downer might say, “Let me off this thing.” I think today I fall somewhere in the middle.

Last modified: January 10, 2019