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Setting A Date For The Big Day


When picking my GMAT test date, I didn’t want to schedule it too far out, like a check up at the dentist that you schedule 6 months in advance and forget about until you see the reminder scribbled in your calendar half a year later.

I definitely didn’t want to schedule it after my trip to Oregon this June. I could just imagine coming home after a week of floating down the Lewis and Clark River, napping all day and eating all my favorite home cooked meals and completely forgetting how to find the surface area of a cylinder after it has been cut into 3 equal parts and then cut into 4,8, and 16 pieces respectively. And because forgetting how to do something like that completely unnerves me, I decided to give myself a good two months of study time and settled on a test day at the end of May (before the floating, eating and sleeping ensues).

Today I was reminded of another reason why my subconscious pushed me to pick a May test date. My duplex is insulated with a material that I imagine is very similar to saltine crackers, which is to say that when it’s cold outside, it’s below zero inside, and when it’s hot outside, you could sweat out 5 pounds just from sitting inside.

When Nathalie and I got back from the gym today, we found the front door ajar and I entered with caution, worried that someone had broken in to steal my vintage pencil box from 4th grade. But it was only Alan, who was hot, and who probably figured that cracking open a window would be too unconventional and weird. And even though it’s night now and cold outside, the day’s warmth is still trapped inside where we are sitting all feverishly warm. So it’s good that I won’t still be studying when temperatures start to heat up even more. Sweat running down my face can be awfully distracting.

Last modified: January 10, 2019