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Gimme That Summer Time Feeling


Despite how much sweat I will inevitably be sweating this summer, I can’t wait. And to fill the time between now and then, there are some songs that really hit the summer spot. Spaceman by The Killers does an exceptionally good job of it. It makes me wish I could trade in all my black slacks for a really good swimsuit and drive to the nearest tropical island while listening to the song really loud and without feeling bad about how much I am increasing my carbon footprint. It makes me wish that tropical islands (the real kind that are featured in movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio) were within driving distance, but were somehow far away enough and off such a treacherous stretch of road that not many others ever ventured out to it. And when I got there I would take a swim, read David Sedaris, then do a dance like Brandon Flowers’ does in this video.

Last modified: January 10, 2019