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Because my house has no appropriate study space (i.e. a desk), I have grown accustomed to studying in one of 3 places: 1) at the office after hours 2) at Orchard Valley Coffee 3) at Crema.

Today I decided to study at Orchard Valley and got in a good 3 minutes before an acoustic guitar playing woman set up and started singing. I’m not at all complaining; her music was very nice. But the problem was that it’s all acoustic. And acoustic music makes me feel wistful; it’s almost exactly the same feeling I get when crossing over bridges at night, zipping closer or further from the glow of city lights. Feeling wistful reminds me of simpler times, when all I had to do was show up to the pool wearing my neon floral bathing suit with purple ruffle accents around the waist to feel like the baddest kid on the block. But feeling wistful doesn’t do the trick. The only real way to get me motivated for studying these days is to think about showing up to the high school reunion and still having my greatest accomplishment be that I co-founded the Environmental Action club, a school wide recycling program, with Nathalie, the second member in the club besides me.

But seriously, I just googled Environmental Action and it’s still alive! I admit it might be a hair too early to call this, but founding Environmental Action just might be the best accomplishment of my life.

Oak Grove Environmental Action Club, Homecoming 2007

Last modified: January 10, 2019