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I Want To See…


Away We Go.

You know that game people play when they’re dating? The one where each person gets to pick a celebrity they are allowed to hold hands with (if he/she ever met said celebrity) without any repercussions? When I played this game, I chose Dave Eggers but was told he wasn’t a celebrity, he was an author and that wasn’t allowed. I thought that was a stupid rule if there ever was one, so I think I changed it to Scott Speedman. But now that Dave has a new movie out, Away We Go, I think that now makes him a bona fide celebrity and he is now near the very top of my list to hold hands with if I ever meet him again (and if his wife is ok with it and if Alan doesn’t mind (he’s sleeping now or else I’d ask) and if it wouldn’t be awkward. But we might be better off getting a slice of mushroom pizza together instead…)

Last modified: January 10, 2019