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Gaudi Mug


Irene recently went to Europe and not only did she mail me postcards throughout her trip (which I loved), she was also so kind as to bring me back a Gaudi mug from Barcelona. I love the colors, the fact that the inside is orange and the multi purpose spoon that can take care of itself. It totally solves that problem after you mix your milk and sugar into your coffee and you can’t find a place to put your spoon. It’s pure genius.

When I unwrapped it, she beamed at me. I think she was waiting for me to say, “Oh cool! It’s from Barcelona!” because that’s what she thought it said on the handle. But actually what I said was, “Oh cool! Where’s it from?” because it actually did not say anything on the handle or anywhere around it. It wasn’t until I flipped it over that I saw it said “Antoni Gaudi 1852-1926.” I may have only gotten a C+ in Chinese Art History class (even when I signed up for it because I thought it would be an easy A), but even I knew that that was probably an artist name and that time period the length of time he had toiled away on my mug. Irene said, “You don’t know Gaudi??” And all I could think was, “I must forever cherish this mug which Irene has brought back for me, made by this man Gaudi who worked for so many years to finish it.”

Last modified: January 10, 2019