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Blanca Monros Gomez Ring – One, please.


In the months before Denise’s wedding, the word elaborate was redefined to include mention of her wedding details. Like the fact that her invitation arrived to guests in a box. A whole box. Filled with tissue paper, mini crystal beads, embossed paper, photographs and a certificate to receive a home sound system from Bose. (OK, it didn’t really include the Bose speakers, but it was still a lot of stuff.) One summer day, as we all congregated in her kitchen to proceed with the 9-step tissue paper folding Justin had invented to get it to fit inside the box just so, I thought about how crazy this all was. As the sweat dripped into my eyes, and Denise stood hovering behind us lashing us with her belt if we stopped or messed up, I wondered if I, too, would become so obsessed with my wedding when the day – some day, one day, not now, definitely not now and far, far into the future – came. Denise assured me that I would, that I could count on it. She said she never imagined all this for herself and that she had originally thought she would have a simple wedding. But then she signed up on theknot.com and then all bets were off. As I watched her absentmindedly twirl her multi-carat meteorite around on her finger, I couldn’t be sure if what she said was true.
You can’t see our fear here. We learned to hide it well. And to constantly look over our shoulders to preemptively try and avoid those lashings. All of a sudden, everyone is getting married or has secretly snuck off in the years between high school and now, while I wasn’t looking, and gotten hitched. And now I can’t help but notice the blogs and the magazines all devoted to that one special day. I don’t know what did it, but I started admiring people’s rings. We’d be at the hospital, signing Alan in to have his cancer removal surgery, and I’d notice the receptionist’s ring. At the grocery store, I would see a Ring Pop and wonder if it were a princess cut stone. So this is how it starts. Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Although there is no wedding coming soon for a long time, I’ve decided on two things: 1) A lot of money will not be spent and 2) we definitely will not borrow money to fund a lavish event (no matter how much I want to have swans walking around like Annie had in her wedding in Father of the Bride). However, should by some unforeseeable turn of events I end up marrying Donald Trump or Bill Gates, I cannot promise my adherence to either of the conditions. And until that classy day when all my friends and family will be invited to the neighborhood park to witness our exchange of vows and, afterwards, to the Wal-Mart McDonald’s (which we will rent out completely – no holding back!) for our reception, I’m going to keep ooh-ing and aah-ing over all these beautiful rings. Joanna Goddard of the wonderful blog A Cup of Jo got her wedding ring from Blanca Monros Gomez. Seriously beautiful, beautiful jewelry. I kind of want it all and thought maybe if I called Blanca and told her that she could drive my Civic whenever she is in town, she might offer me some substantial discounts…
If anyone asks, I would like this one, please. It even has a rose gold setting! (I know, I’m making myself sick too. But it’s started and once it starts you can’t stop it. What can I say?)

Last modified: January 10, 2019