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Owl City


If my iPhone could talk, I am fairly certain it would have a few things to say to me. It would probably ask, “You really can’t beat your Scramble high score of 62? Are you even trying?” and “But we just went from your house to Yogurtland the other day! Do you really not remember how to get there?!” It turns out my iPhone is pretty judgmental, but for all the help it gives me, I’m not one to complain.

It would also probably gasp and say, “What is this? Non-Death Cab for Cutie on your playlist?? Really?” I’ve recently discovered Owl City, and I’ve been semi-obsessed ever since. So semi-obsessed that I’ve actually stopped listening to Death Cab over and over as I had been for the past month. It happened late one night while I was waiting in the car in the dark for Alan to deposit some checks in the ATM. A song came on the radio and I thought, “Ooh, Death Cab has new music out!” and “Death Cab sure sounds different!” It turns out it was not a Death Cab song at all but a song called Fireflies by Owl City.

His sound is very buoyant and pretty and sort of like something you would listen to when going on a long thoughtful drive through the country (if you lived in the country and if going on long drives didn’t make you feel bad about killing the environment just a little bit more). Anyway, he is coming to San Francisco October 19 and will be performing at Slim’s. I already bought a ticket! Care to join me?

Here is one of my favorites:

Last modified: January 10, 2019