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pillowhappy Pillows


My obsession with pillows started around this time last year when I bought my first couch. I didn’t want just any cushions to support my lower back or to cradle my head while napping. I wanted perfect pillows, ones that would complement the brown fabric of the couch, while simultaneously pulling out the greens and yellows in the room to bring it all together.

A year later, I am as obsessed as ever, except now I am in real danger of never being able to afford a house or to get to go on a bona fide vacation any time soon because I want to spend all my savings on everything by pillowhappy. There isn’t even enough space on my couch for all the insanely cute pillows I want, but I figure I can put them in my car, in the kitchen… maybe I can create my own Chuck E.Cheese inspired ball pit filled with pillows!

Here are a few of my favorites:

How, oh how, did I ever live life without owning these pears?

Last modified: January 10, 2019