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Albion Castle, San Francisco


Well, now, here we are, and it’s Friday again. Since Fridays are best for dreaming about what we are going to do over the upcoming blessed weekend and for dreaming in general, here is a picture of the castle Tanu would like me to buy. I, too, would love to buy it, if only just to have a fitting place to wear my suit of armor and to joust with friends.

It is only $2.9 million, so I’m sure if each of us just contributed a dollar today and maybe a dollar tomorrow, and I somehow managed to have Oprah’s baby, then we could find ourselves having a really splendid holiday party here. There are even 200-feet deep caverns that lead to natural springs — pretty much what I’ve always said I wanted in my dream estate! What are the chances!

No castle would be complete without a dungeon!

(Pictures from Laughing Squid)

Last modified: January 10, 2019