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Near Naked Man Escapes Heat, Frightens Neighbors


Today is the first day of fall, and as much as I love summer, I find myself looking forward to the changing seasons. With fall comes cozy, nice things, like hot chocolate. And the lights in the trees on bustling streets. It also means that the holiday line up is fast approaching and for some reason I cannot wait to kick start the season by carving pumpkins. But first it needs to get cold. It is very much the opposite of cold, especially in the duplex tonight. I know this for a fact because after dinner, as we both sat as still as possible so as not to create any extra body heat, Alan said, “I know what I’ll do.” For a brief moment I thought he might surprise me with an air conditioning system or even just a few kind people he’d found to fan us and feed us grapes. But all he said was, “I’m going to go stand outside in my boxers.” And he did.

(Pictures from Martha Stewart)

Last modified: January 10, 2019