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Something has happened at work that has left me feeling quite tickled. A little while ago, they came to me and said in so many words, “Sobrina, we’d like to give you more work to do. What do you think about that?” Well, it turned out to be a great kind of new work to do, the kind that requires me to be on Facebook and Twitter. All. Day. Long. Because I am now the resident keeper of our company’s Facebook and Twitter. It’s really rather delightful because even though people can still go to HR and complain about the incessant sweating I do, at least they cannot complain that I’m not doing my job and am just squandering away the day on the internet. Now if only they could come to me and say, “Now we need you to stay on top of all your favorite blogs and send us a report with all the interesting bits at the end of each week. Make sure to keep an eye on the fashion trends. And also, feel free to spend time writing to magazine and book publishers when you notice a spelling mistake.” I would have my almost dream job.

Speaking of sweating, last week Tanu sent me this card from someecards.com. Two things:

1) Perhaps the sweetest card I have gotten in a long, long time
2) Someone has the awesome job of coming up with these cards, and I, for one, would like to meet this person who seems to know me so well, almost as well as Tanu

Last modified: January 10, 2019