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Sometimes I get into this mood where all I want to do is sit and look at beautiful wedding photography. There is something about weddings that is so perfect and pretty that I can just sit and stare for hours, even if, especially if, I don’t know whose getting married. It’s all the more perfect then because I wasn’t there to know if the bride and her mom had an awkward, inappropriate spat right before the bride walked down the aisle or if the crab cake appetizers tasted like dry bread. All I see are two perfectly dressed and handsomely made up people on a very important, very expensive day of their lives. It’s the stuff great photography is made of!

Tonight, in a successful effort to put off something that needs doing, I was enjoying the photography from Our Blog of Love when all of a sudden I saw this picture:

I realize now that I forgot something — apes. Apes also make great photography. Especially ones like this one.

Last modified: January 10, 2019