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Weekend Splurge


I have a secret to confess. In the kitchen, I have been using steak knives to chop up all my food — vegetables, meat, cheese, you name it. I actually had no idea that there were better things available to cut food up with. 8 years of cooking later, I found myself complaining to Roy about how long cooking takes. He, being the experienced cook master he is, asked me a series of revealing questions:

He: Does it take you a long time to chop and stuff?
He: What kind of knife are you using?
Me: Umm… a steak knife type thing?
He: A steak knife??? No wonder you hate cooking! I’d hate it too if I were cutting with a steak knife!
Me: What do you mean? What do you chop with? What else is there?

And this was when Roy introduced me to the scintillating world of fine cutlery. When he explained that some knives made it so that one needn’t saw at food to cut it, I was blown away. I had been sawing food up for so long that I just couldn’t imagine cutting any other way. Because his carbonara recipe didn’t fail me, I decided to trust him on this. I thought about it for a number of weeks, deciding between the different brands. Today I finally took the plunge and bought my first nice knife, a Global 7″ hollow-ground Santoku.

I tested it out while cooking dinner tonight, and as promised in the countless reviews I had read, it cut like a dream. Plus, on the back of the box, the Global makers liken the knife to that of a samurai sword, so it definitely helps that it makes you feel like you are a great warrior taking care of business as you chop up your vegetables.

Feeling like Giada right about now, minus the cute outfit and exceptionally manicured nails.

The most beautiful, finely chopped garlic and scallions I have ever chopped myself in less than 10 minutes.

Last modified: January 10, 2019