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Cake Wrecks


Once when I was about 8 or 9, my brother got the most awesome cake for his birthday. It was a cheeseburger cake 9 inches of frosting deep and with about an inch of cake on the inside. The cake was dry, or maybe it was moist. It didn’t much matter because it had all the other right kinds of cake qualities important to a 9 year old. It had a sesame seed bun, a flourish of lettuce and a gently melted slice of American cheese atop a beefy patty. I’ll always remember that cake. And I have a distinct feeling the recipients of these Cake Wrecks won’t forget theirs either. (How I only just now discovered Cake Wrecks is beyond me, but Alan and I spent a good five minutes tonight laughing at these).

This one was described as a “frankenpoo butterfly with fuzzy monster wings.”

How to make Al feel special:

Beauty and the Feces

Last modified: January 10, 2019