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Everything All At Once


Lately I have been feeling as though I want to do everything all at once which includes writing more, writing better, getting fitter, eating better, reading more, working on my business plan and learning how to use my camera so that I can take pictures like littlebrownpen who seriously takes the kind of pictures that make me want to cry they are so beautiful. I want to make people cry. In a good way. The kind of way that inspires them to want to be better at their craft(s) and make other people cry. Eventually the whole world will be crying and it will be frightening at first, but also pretty amazing, all these tears of joy. Entire villages and suburban neighborhoods will just flood over with the happy tears, but some places are experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions at the moment, so perhaps this would not be so terrible after all.

It is a bit overwhelming to want to do so many things so much better, all right now. So all I did after work today was go on a hike with Alan. It was okay that I didn’t take any pictures or work on my business plan because during the hike we saw a peacock. And then we ate ramen. And hiking, peacocks and ramen just so happen to be a few of my favorite things.

Santa Ramen from yesterday’s dinner with my friend Thai

Last modified: January 10, 2019