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Tomorrow’s News


Tomorrow Alan has an appointment with his oncologist’s counterpart. She is the doctor Alan does not like because she does not look him in the eyes. This only bothers him when they are discussing serious matters, which, when they see each other, they usually are. Tomorrow is the day that he will be getting the results of his CT scan. No one has told us this explicitly, because to spell it out would not be the Valley Medical way, but we know from the times before that this is the test that will tell us if he’s won, if the cancer is all gone.

If everything looks good, then it will be monumental. It will be a sushi dinner kind of day. And so I am going with him tomorrow, to do the things that I imagine will be calming, like talking about cheeseburgers and summer. And when we hear the good news, I will pick him up and put him on my shoulder, the both of us whooping and swinging our clasped hands high above our heads.

Last modified: January 10, 2019